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Chord Agreement Definition

Chord agreement definition refers to the grammatical rule that mandates that the subject of a sentence and its verb must match in number. It implies that if the subject is singular, the verb must also be singular, and if the subject is plural, the verb must be plural.

For instance, in the sentence “The dog chases the cat,” the subject “dog” is singular, and the verb “chases” is also singular. In contrast, in the sentence “The dogs chase the cats,” both the subject “dogs” and the verb “chase” are plural.

This rule is particularly vital in written communication since readers unconsciously judge the proficiency and credibility of a writer based on their ability to construct grammatically correct sentences.

Moreover, ensuring chord agreement in your writing not only enhances its flow but also helps the reader to comprehend your meaning easily. Consider the following example:

Incorrect: The group of students is preparing for their exams.

Correct: The group of students are preparing for their exams.

In the incorrect example, there is a mismatch between the singular subject “group” and the plural pronoun “their.” The correct version ensures that the subject and verb match in number.

In conclusion, understanding chord agreement is crucial in English grammar, especially in writing. By ensuring that your sentences follow this rule, you can improve the readability and overall quality of your writing.

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